Where does the time go?

Good morning. My rambling thoughts for the day … We have just seen another turn of the wheel with Beltane last week. I wrote a page all about Beltane with ideas for rituals etc quite some time ago. I just came into my site thinking I must do an update soon as I haven't done … Continue reading Where does the time go?


Witches Protection Bells

Handmade Witch Bells or Protection Bells are said to bring positivity, break up bad energy and dispel negativity! It is a long held belief by many different cultures and religions that sound can break up bad energy. Cleansing by sound is an ancient practice to break up this bad energy or negative vibrations. Hanging bells … Continue reading Witches Protection Bells

Cleansing and Protecting Your Home from Negative Energy

Sometimes we have a build up of negative energy within our homes, sometimes from ourselves and sometimes from others. It may follow an illness or a disagreement, but equally could have been brought in by visitors to your home or maybe it's left over from previous owners of the house or even possessions. There are … Continue reading Cleansing and Protecting Your Home from Negative Energy

What are the best Pagan, Wiccan or Witch related books to read?

Ever wondered which books are the best ones to read to find out more about your chosen path, which direction you should be heading in and what you should be learning? When starting out on a new path, or brushing up on your knowledge, many people ask what would be the best books to read … Continue reading What are the best Pagan, Wiccan or Witch related books to read?

What are Sigils and how to use them!

- Protection Sigils - Sigils are a very common kind of magic but rarely noticed. They are symbols that have been created from a word or phrase that has been condensed but still encapsulates what it represents. So rather than a full word or sentence you are left with a small pictorial symbol. They are … Continue reading What are Sigils and how to use them!

Vegetable Gardening on a Budget

Gardening can be expensive but it doesn't have to be. It's nice to have beautiful pots, the latest seeds, bags of lovely compost and all the latest tools and gadgets but it's not necessary. My garden fork and hoe belonged to my Grandfather who sadly died back in the early 1970's. I reckon these tools … Continue reading Vegetable Gardening on a Budget

The Oh Sew Crafty Witch!

As we are starting to emerge a little more from lock down, many are understandably still being very cautious in the hopes of avoiding a second wave of the Pandemic. One precaution is to wear a face mask, mandatory in some places, not here yet (April 2020) but worth wearing for extra protection. So, as … Continue reading The Oh Sew Crafty Witch!

Keeping busy in the Garden

I have always had a vegetable plot. Even when I lived in a flat, I still managed to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and few herbs on my windowsills. My various gardens have ranged from the very small to very big. My tiniest outdoor vegetable patch was about 4 feet square and provided me with potatoes, carrots … Continue reading Keeping busy in the Garden

It’s the Little Things that Matter

Quite often when I write a new blog or page, I ask hubby just to give it a quick read through for me. He's not Pagan and doesn't share my interests but he tells me if I have made any obvious mistakes, spelling mistakes, missed words etc. Which often happens as my fingers can't always … Continue reading It’s the Little Things that Matter

Staying safe and sane while the world around you goes mad!!

We are all in a similar situation the world over right now. All trying to stay safe and make the best of everything as and when we can. Many of us are struggling to cope with the uncertainty of life and the turmoil we have been thrown into. Some of us are with family and … Continue reading Staying safe and sane while the world around you goes mad!!

Trials and Tribulations of Selling Your Crafts!

So, being a witch I am naturally drawn towards crafting and healing. My regular job is within Adult Social care and my spare time is often taken up with crafts of various natures. This includes gardening from spring until autumn, so I can make tinctures and balms and any other craft I can fit into … Continue reading Trials and Tribulations of Selling Your Crafts!

Here be Dragons

You might think it strange that a witch would want to venture into churches but as you may have already gathered, I love going into churches. Well …. so long as there aren’t any people in there lol. I love finding all the grotesque carvings and the occasional pagan symbols still being used by the … Continue reading Here be Dragons

Is Tarot Evil ?

I've often read about other Tarot readers being told that Tarot is evil. I've even heard of someone losing "friends" when it was discovered that they had used Tarot Cards. Throughout history, mankind (although some are not so kind) have had some form of divination. There have always been people attempting to foretell future events … Continue reading Is Tarot Evil ?

The Witch, The Car and The Biker!

Although these days I have to admit to being a crone, I'm still young at heart, adapt easily to new technology and I'm usually pretty laid back about most things. I generally take life in my stride and keep calm even when most about me are losing the plot ..... most of the time!!! So, … Continue reading The Witch, The Car and The Biker!

Time is precious – waste it wisely

I don't know about anyone else but I never seem to have enough hours in the day. Don't get me wrong, although I work, I'm certainly not a workaholic. It's just that there are so many other things I want to do. Crafting, writing, walking, meeting up with friends and potting up plants in my … Continue reading Time is precious – waste it wisely

Does using a Spiritual, Magical or Witch name make you a fraud?

What’s in a name? Why do some people use a different name and others don’t? Does it make you a fraud? Are you just trying to be something you are not? Or should you be able to be known by any name you wish? Some believe it is pretentious to use a “Magical” name, some … Continue reading Does using a Spiritual, Magical or Witch name make you a fraud?

De-stressing a stressful Witch!

It’s not just been one of those days, it’s been one of those months! My normal placid exterior had started to melt and had definitely lost some of it’s shine. Life just does that to you sometimes and the phrase “It never rains but it pours” comes to mind. I’m sure I’m not the only … Continue reading De-stressing a stressful Witch!

Real Witches don’t say that!

Real Witches don’t say that, real Witches don’t do this, real Witches are hereditary, you are not a very good Witch if you don’t do it like this etc. etc.! I could think of stronger language to describe how I feel about those kind of statements but I shall confine myself to saying “Poppycock”!! In … Continue reading Real Witches don’t say that!

The fascination with Graveyards

You might think of graveyards as morbid, depressing, very sad and creepy places and perhaps the modern graveyards and cemeteries are but I love visiting old graveyards. It may sound strange but I know I am not the only one who has this fascination! To me, they are beautiful, peaceful and extremely interesting places. Mismatched … Continue reading The fascination with Graveyards

Do you believe in Magic or Witchcraft?

I do believe in magic but not the kind you see in films where they twitch their nose or wave a wand and   ...>>poof<<...   something appears (or disappears). I believe in the power of the mind, I believe we can create what we desire through positivity and will power. I’m not saying that if … Continue reading Do you believe in Magic or Witchcraft?

Out of the Broom Closet

I have been a witch all my life, I just didn't realise it when I was younger. I was brought up to believe that my religion was "Church of England". Having said that, we never went to church except for weddings, christenings and funerals. We never really talked about religion at all. In early childhood, … Continue reading Out of the Broom Closet