Where does the time go?

Good morning.

My rambling thoughts for the day …

We have just seen another turn of the wheel with Beltane last week. I wrote a page all about Beltane with ideas for rituals etc quite some time ago. I just came into my site thinking I must do an update soon as I haven’t done anything for a few weeks. Errr no I haven’t done anything since last year. How did that happen?

Covid and lockdowns affected us all in many different ways. Most of us lost loved ones, many of us lost work. I think most of us are emerging from this pandemic as different people than before it started. How can we not be affected?

As for time. Well few of us seemed to know where we were during lockdown. Days and weeks merged together, often because we were at home without our usual daily routines or because we were so busy at work we didn’t know which way to turn or maybe something in between. Mental health became a big issue even for those that had never suffered with any problems before. Working, not working, in a household with others, living alone, it didn’t seem to matter.

This has all had a knock on effect and if you are anything like me, I still don’t know quite where I am! I want to see the people who are important to me and do the things that are important to me but I still have to work. Trying to fit everything in, is proving a little tricky. So, where practical, seeing and being with people comes top of the list, then doing things for them or with them. Work is a necessity so that comes next (but don’t tell them). This is followed by the boring but necessary household chores (oh to be a man) and the bottom of the list seems to be hobbies and websites etc.

I am always “running out of time”. Perhaps I just need to be more organised or more accurately re-organised as everything has changed and my routine has not quite adjusted and caught up with it all yet.

However, looking at the bright side of all this, I am helping others and I am getting to make memories with family and friends. I am now starting to live again and not just existing. Better time management will resume shortly!

Meanwhile it’s a weekend and I see gardening, bonfires, some chilling, family outings, fun and laughter. Better time management and new routines can wait til next week 😁

Hope you all had a fabulous Beltane!

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