Witches Runes

The witches Runes are a set of 13 runes with pictorial symbols of the Sun, Moon, Star, Crossroads, Man, Woman, Eye, Flight, Waves, Romance, Rings, Harvest and Scythe.

Handle your runes often, to get a feel for them and make a connection. Witches Runes are mainly read on intuition, the meanings below are just a guide to point you in the right direction.

They can be cast like the Elder Futhark runes or drawn individually for answers to specific questions. They can also be used in Ritual or Spell work.

Sun: Masculine energy. A new beginning, something new. Growth and happiness, good choices. Good news, justice, Healing, vitality and health.

  • Use for protection and happiness.

Moon: Feminine energy. Transitions and changes are coming. There may be hidden agendas and secrets. Imagination.

  • Use in magical workings or spells to enhance power. Use to represent the moon Goddess.

Star: Also known as the Wishing rune. Go after what you desire. Seek your life purpose, look to the nearest rune for indication of what this might be. Freedom to be yourself. Being accepted for who you are. Inspiration to others.

  • Use to attract what you want. Use in meditation for luck and good fortune

Crossroads: Decisions and changes are coming. Afraid of moving forward, being stuck, the unknown.

  • Use to help make a decision or bring about change.

Man: Male abilities and characteristics. Father figure. Provider, protector of loved ones. Action.

  • Use for strength and empowerment.

Woman: Female abilities and characteristics. Mother figure. Being a healer, nurturing, caring. Home. Creativity.

  • Use in magical workings for representing the feminine or the Goddess.

The Eye: Lifting a veil, seeing the truth. Protection. Psychic abilities. Witnessing. Look at nearby runes for an indication of what might be revealed.

  • Use in psychic workings, to reveal the truth and for protection.

Flight: Higher knowledge, communication. Movement. Information. Travel.

  • Use to learn something new or for starting a new business or job.

Waves: Connection to the Spiritual world. Things out of your control. Feeling insecure or overwhelmed.

  • Use for purity, cleansing and forgiveness.

Romance: Fertility, romance, love. Relationships. Harmony. Deep emotional connections. Soul mates.

  • Use to heal broken hearts and relationships, to attract new love or romance.

Rings: Circumstances that connect people. Combining different elements to make something new.

  • Use for enhancing partnerships, business or romance. For binding or strengthening a relationship or business contract.

Harvest: Blessings. Rewards. Prosperity and abundance. Investing in yourself. Education. Providing for yourself.

  • Use when dealing with money or to bring something good into your life.

Scythe: Sudden changes or endings. Walking away. Completing tasks. Final decisions.

  • Use to break a hex, bad luck or curse. Also to break a bond in a relationship or partnership

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