Real Witches don’t say that!

Real Witches don’t say that, real Witches don’t do this, real Witches are hereditary, you are not a very good Witch if you don’t do it like this etc. etc.! I could think of stronger language to describe how I feel about those kind of statements but I shall confine myself to saying “Poppycock”!! In my opinion none of these things have anything to do with being a real Witch or not. It’s all down to individual choice. The very essence of being a Witch is to do and say what is right for you. If you want to follow certain rules that is entirely up to you, if you don’t that is ok too. I’m not saying that some Witches are not more knowledgeable than others or that they don’t have good instincts having been born into a family with other Witches but that does not necessarily make them better or even right.

I’m sure most of us have come across a Witch who claims to be “better” than us because they “know” more than us, they have been a Witch for longer than us or they were born to a long line of Witches that gives them automatic rights to be “higher” than us etc.! I even had someone tell me a few years ago that “Real Witches (that follow the Old Ways) don’t say Blessed Be”.

Blessed Be are words used in greeting (or parting) that wish others well and to have good and positive things in their life. Surely that is a good thing? No, apparently not, she informed me, because “Blessed Be” is a relatively modern term. She then proceeded to bombard me with articles she found that stated that this phrase is mainly used in a NeoWiccan or modern context, so must therefore be a modern phrase. However, reading some of these articles (I am always open to the views of others) the origins of “Blessed be” are actually unknown and the phrase appeared in other places long before Gerald Gardner used it in his Book of Shadows and made it popular again back in the 1950’s. Nothing I said could convince her that it was just a lovely way to greet someone and “when” it was first used as such was really irrelevant in this instance. What was meant as a nice, friendly gesture of good feeling and well wishing on social media turned into a fellow Witch trying to make out I was the most stupid, fake and useless Witch on the planet! Whoa, lets get a reality check here!

I am English, I was born of English parents. This does not make me better than anyone else, it is just a fact. For us, it is traditional when greeting others to say “How do you do”, “Good morning” or “Hello”. I rarely if ever say “How do you do” as it is very formal and old fashioned and reaching further back in time I certainly don’t go around saying “A good day to thee Mistress” when greeting my friends. I do say “Hi”, “How are you doing?” and even things like “Wotcha” or “Ciao”! Now I’m sure my English great, great Grandparents would be horrified at my slang and use of non-English words, but does it make me less English? No of course not and therefore saying “Blessed Be” does not make any of us less of a Witch or not a real Witch. It makes us genuine and nice people (Witches or not) for wishing others well.

Some believe that “Blessed Be” should only be used in rituals, some that it should only be used with close friends from your circle and others that it is perfectly normal to use it as part of a general greeting or parting. However you use the phrase is your choice. It is also your choice never to use the words at all. I believe though that more importantly than your choice of words is your desire behind them. So if you say Hello, Bright Blessings, Blessed Be, Merry Meet or any other form of greeting, what difference should it make if you just want to wish others well? After all, aren’t we all just looking for the same thing!

I think that applies to many things we say and do as Witches. It is the intent behind what you say and do that is important and (within reason) not the actual words. There is no point in saying words you do not feel comfortable with or that have no meaning for you.

Whatever way you practice your Witchcraft, don’t let others tell you that you are doing it wrong and should be doing it their way. There are many paths, we are all different and what works for some will not not work others. Follow your own path. There is no right or wrong way, just do it your way.

Blessed be )O(

Blessed be the Witches who walk their own path

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