Manifestation Box

A manifestation box is a fabulous tool to help you create your deepest desires and wishes, easy to make for yourself and can be used by anyone, whether you practice magic, believe in the laws of attraction or just want to send an affirmation to the universe.

You can make your box as simple or elaborate as you wish. You can use any type of box that you like. A small gift box, a craft store box, shoe box, chest or an old wooden cigar box are just a few examples.

You can decorate it to make it personal or leave it plain. If you want to personalise it you can use paints, glitter, dried flowers or herbs, rub-on transfers or markers, anything you like. (You could even cover it in fabric and lace). Choose runes, stars, spirals, goddess figures, spirit animals or whatever symbols feel powerful to you. On the top of the box lid write the words Manifest or Manifestation box. I also like to add words inside the box like, “Thoughts become reality”, “Dreams come True” or “This is my desire so mote it be”. Whatever words you feel drawn to. Finish it with clear sealant spray or varnish. Whilst making your Manifestation Box, think about it’s purpose, set your intent and let the universe know what it is for.

Place items, pictures or written desires in the Manifestation box that you want to attract into your life. Use images and words that are personal to you. Use positive phrases in the present tense such as “I am” rather than “I will”. Be specific where you can as “I have a new job” can have a very different outcome to “I have a job working as a teacher in the school I wanted, I am happy in this job”. As you do this, picture what you desire as already existing in your life and affirm this with words such as “This is my will” or “I Manifest this and all within”.

The Manifestation box is not meant for one time use or to be hidden away out of sight. It is meant to be used regularly, each time you do so, you are sending an affirmation to the universe and these things will slowly be attracted towards you. You will start to realise how powerful your thoughts are and the influence they have on manifesting what happens and appears in your life.

Like the wand, the Manifestation box is just a tool to aid you, it is your thoughts and intentions that have the real power and that is what will begin to draw your desires.

Manifestation Box

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