Rune Stones and how to use them.


Elder Futhark Runes

Runes have been used in Britain since the Dark Ages. When settlers came, after the Romans left, they brought their set of ancient symbols known as the Runes with them. Originally there were 24 Runes and they are collectively known as the Elder Futhark or Viking Runes. They were used as part of their written language.

Witches Runes

Witches Runes have no clear origin but are known to be relatively modern. They are a set of runes usually comprised of 13 symbols, (although some sets contain less). It is possible that Witches runes are numbered 13 as that is considered a lucky number for a witch, because that is often the number of witches in a coven or simply to represent the number of moons in a year.

How to use your Runes

One method for reading runes is to sit quietly, clear your mind, then focus on your question. When you feel ready draw three runes from your bag and lay them in a line in front of you. The stones, from left to right, represent the past, present, and future.

Another option is to lay out all of your runes in front of you. Calm and clear your mind, then focus on your question with your eyes closed. Move your hand slowly back and forth a few inches above the runes. Pick up the one that you feel the most from, and this will be the answer to your question.

Yet another method is to clear your mind, focus on your question, then, with your eyes closed, place your fingers into your rune bag and draw out the stone that offers the most intense sensation. This will be your answer rune. You may also draw three rune stones if you prefer.

Or you could try laying your cloth over a flat surface like a carpet or table. Mark 3 circles on the cloth so that there is an inner, a middle and outer circle. The inner circle represents “self”, the middle circle “influences” and the outer “future events”. Slowly mix the stones in your bag while you calm and clear your mind and focus on your question. Then pick out 6 Rune Stones and cast or gently drop them on to your cloth. Where they land will give you the guide you need to interpret their message.

Some like to do a reading once a week, others only when they have a specific question to ask. Some may choose to pull out one rune a day. Try not to keep asking the same question to elicit different answers. It’s not healthy, learn to move on. If you are not getting a clear reading try rephrasing the question, if the answer is still unclear perhaps you are not meant to know.

Click below for the Elder Futhark or Witches Rune meanings. Like the method you choose to cast, you may want to research different interpretations of their meanings, find a chart that you feel comfortable with and that feels true to you.

Witches Runes and their meanings

Elder Futhark Runes and their meanings

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