Blue Salt or Witches Salt and how to make it.

Salt is pure and anything that is impure is repelled by it no matter what colour you use. Used in Witchcraft, Spells and Rituals. Use it together with Black salt to reverse bad luck.


Evil Eye: Blue Salt is used to protect against the Evil Eye or negative energy.

Healing: It is also used in healing, either in spellwork or placed directly beneath the bed.

Justice: Blue salt can be used in spellwork or placed in a pocket for legal issues and to promote justice in court.

Altar work: Can be used to draw your circle or for adding symbols or runes on your altar.


Put blue salt in 4 small jars or bottles and then place one in each corner of your home, saying the following chant as you do so:

Salt of earth guard this home, while I’m here or when I roam.

Keep it safe and all within. For good of all let this bond begin.

By my will, with harm to none, by earth’s power this spell is done


You will need.:-

A Mortar and Pestle,

Salt (course sea salt is most popular but you can use any kind).

Blue flowers or herbs. (Popular blue flowers are Borage, blue bells, Forget-me-nots or Blue Iris but you can use any you find).

Blue food colouring (optional)


Grind together course salt and blue herbs or flowers with a mortar and pestle. Add blue food colouring if you desire.

While blending keep your intent of what you will be using the salt for in mind, focusing the energy into the Salt. If you are not sure what it’s purpose will be as yet, you can put your energy intent into it later.

Now I have tried the above method of making Blue Witches Salt and it does look blue while you are making it but once it dries (as it will), it fades to a pale blue green colour. I tried extra food colouring, more and darker blue flowers but it still looked the same when dry. You may find this is perfectly acceptable for your intended use and if so, your work is done.

However, I wanted mine to be a true blue and as this is for magical use and not for consumption I finally decided to try just mixing the salt with blue ink…. one of Hubby’s spare ink cartridges for his fountain pen did the trick….

Ta Daaa! It worked. A lovely shade of blue salt 🙂

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