Elder Futhark Runes

The runic alphabet is believed to hold a magical quality. It is a means to self awareness and self development. Used for healing, protection, meditation and readings. It can also be used in rituals and magical workings.


Fehu – Wealth and money. Mother Rune

This rune represents assets, possessions and wealth. Personal power, strengths and new beginnings.


Uruz – Wild ox or auroch. Courage, strength. Primal creative force. Gateway

This rune represents death of the old and birth of the new. A challenge. The rune of passage.


Thurisaz- Giant thorn. Protection. Focused power. Regeneration.

This rune advises us to exercise caution. Handle things with care. It often comes up when it would be wise to consider everything carefully before acting.


Ansuz – Communication. God. Ancestors.

This rune is all about communication. Communication will be important. Listen as well as speak.


Raido – Journey. Riding, traveling.

This rune represent transport and connected matters. You may soon be making a journey or there my be someone traveling to you. The motive for the journey may not be clear. Do not be taken in by others.


Kenaz – Torch. Fire. Knowledge.

Kenaz denotes an opening, an offering or a new beginning. It signifies action or a shift in an area of your life that had previously become quiet or stale.


Gebo – Gift. Divine interaction.

This rune is widely used today, most often it is used to express a kiss at the end of a letter or card. It represents relationships, friendships, partnerships, gifts and exchanges, including sacrifices.


Wunjo – Pleasure, joy. Kinship, heritage.

This is a fabulous rune to have in a reading. It is associated with great happiness and success. It can also be an indication of travel linked with success.


Hagalaz – Change. Destructive and creative forces. Transformation.

This rune foretells the unexpected. Mainly forewarning of a problem that must be defeated before you can move forward.


Nauthiz – Necessity, strength, needs. Shadow. Friction. Constraint.

This rune is a hurdle or barrier that prevents you from going somewhere, doing or achieving something.


Isa – Ice. Cosmic coherence. Stand still.

This rune is a warning to allow things to remain the same at present. You may be treading on thin ice and should not proceed further, to do so would create problems for yourself.


Jera – Harvest. Cycles. Process. Gain, growth. Right action.

This rune can help you to understand that hard work will be rewarded. The more you put into something the higher the reward. Less effort will produce less of a return.


Eihwaz – Yew tree. Tree of life. Stability. Toughness. Dreaming. Magic.

This rune advises us that the going may be tough and there may be obstacles along the way but with effort and determination you will reach your destination.


Perthro – Friendly competition. Luck. Primal law. Divination.

This is the rune of hidden information and mystery. It tells us we must bide our time and wait for the knowledge to be revealed when the time is right.


Algiz – Divine protection. Self defense. Sanctuary.

Strongly connected to the mother figure, this is the rune of protection. It tells us when it is safe to embark on any task.


Sowilo – The Sun God. Fortune. The wheel of power.

This is the rune of victory and conquering challenges. The power to achieve your goal.


Tiwaz – Masculine God or the God Tyr. Warrior rune. Self sacrifice. Justice.

This rune represents overcoming obstacles and victory in times of conflict.


Berkana – Birch. Earth mother. Birth, beginnings.

This rune represents life and the cycle of life. Birth, life, death and rebirth. It signifies a new beginning, recovery, birth or rebirth. This could be news of a pregnancy or represent a fresh start.


Ehwaz – Horse. Twin Gods. Loyalty. Relationships. Pilgrimage.

This rune is associated with travel and may also represent marriage or partnership.


Mannaz – The self. Humaity. Devine union. Culture. Manifestation.

This rune represent trust. It indicates a person near to you that you can trust or share secrets with.


Laguz – Sea, lake. Fertilty. Flow. Renewal.

This rune encompasses the element of water and is associated with our emotions. It advises us to wait and not force issues. Things will come to us when the time is right.

Variation of Ingwaz

Ingwaz – The God Freyr. True love. Music. Harmony. Fettility, peace and plenty.

This rune reveals that we will experience great reward and remind us that effort brings compensation.


Dagaz – Day. Clarity. Revelation. Intuition.

This rune reveals that there may be an opening or opportunity coming our way. It represents hope for the future.


Othala – Inheritance. Home. Genetics.

This rune is connected with property and the gifts we have inherited from our ancestors, be they spiritual or material. That which makes us what we are.

The blank or Wyrd rune is not always included in rune sets and is believed to be a relatively recent addition, perhaps introduced in the last century. Some believe you should not use it in divination. However, for those of you who wish to do so, I have included an interpretation below.

Wyrd – (Blank)

Wyrd – The inevitable rune. Fate. The unknown. Mystery. What will be will be. You can not manipulate fate.

When this rune shows up it’s letting you know that no matter how much you try to effect an outcome you will not be able to. Fate will decide.

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