Keeping busy in the Garden

I have always had a vegetable plot. Even when I lived in a flat, I still managed to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and few herbs on my windowsills. My various gardens have ranged from the very small to very big. My tiniest outdoor vegetable patch was about 4 feet square and provided me with potatoes, carrots and beans. I have to confess that in the past my veggie patches have sometimes helped to keep me fed when times were lean.

Planting out

My veggies are all organic, I don’t use any chemicals in my garden. To me that has to be so much better than eating the commercial vegetables, which are likely dowsed in all sorts of pesticides. I have found a few second hand, old gardening books that have some fabulous tips and tricks for natural pest control.

Gardening doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There’s lots of ways to garden on a budget, or if you are like me I like to save, recycle and re-use wherever possible. I also have fruit trees, which once planted will keep on giving year after year.

Vegetable plot just starting up

Gardening is (for me) good for the soul! In the winter I stay in and don’t do much at all in the evenings. However, once I start planting seeds in the spring, I have to go out to the garden every day to tend and water the plants. As the weather gets warmer I’m usually out there first thing in the morning and then again late afternoon, early evening and any spare time in between. I find just being out with the plants quiet and soothing. It gives me great pleasure to watch them grow.

I think it is keeping me sane at the moment. As I have had more time on my hands than usual, so I have even managed to battle down most of the weeds. I’ve got quite a few herbs growing in the greenhouse too. My garden may not be the big outdoors I crave but it is definitely my own little nature haven.

Happy Gardening 🙂

Weigela for the Bees

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