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Merry meet and welcome to Sapphire Moon.

I’m an Eclectic Witch and Psychic, who has developed and maintained many different websites over the years with a view to sharing information and helping others. I run a Facebook page and group, act as admin on others and am a part time blogger. My way of life leans towards nature, using natural remedies and faith healing for simple ailments. I practice dream interpretation, tarot, using pendulums and rune reading. I also trust my own intuition to complement my crafts. I am a great believer in individuality and will always encourage others to adapt their knowledge to become something that works for them.

Feel free to browse the site, read my blogs and comment if you wish (just scroll down to the bottom of the page). If there is anything in particular you’d like to see on this site, just let me know.


Altar Tools and setup – Ideas on what you could have on your altar from the traditional to the more personalised.

Blogs – Complete blog page. My thoughts and experiences on everyday life as a Pagan Hippie Witch, as well as articles, facts and how to’s.

Book of Shadows – How I created my Book of Shadows and ideas to create your own.


Budget Witchcraft – How to gather tools and supplies without spending a fortune




The fascination with Graveyards

Hag stones and wishing stones – Hag stones and Wishing stones, what they are and the folklore surrounding them


Meeting Others

Pagan Holidays or Sabbats


Real Witches Don’t Say That



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Some of my items are available to buy on eBay
If you don’t see something you are after don’t hesitate to message me. I don’t always have everything on there.

Sapphire Moon Tarot Readings available on request

Click here to send Tarot enquiry

Single Question and Three card spread reading via email or messenger

Please contact me prior to payment to arrange and check availability. Tell me a little about yourself, along with your first name and date of birth. Let me know any details that you think may be relevant to your question. Then ask your question, please make it simple and not 10 different questions in one sentence, as your answer will not be clear. Thank you. – £5 GBP per 3 card reading.


Please do not make payment until you have a confirmed appointment. I may be fully booked, traveling or otherwise engaged. Paypal will not refund the business fees when making a refund, so if you pay before booking and I am unavailable at the time you require, you will either need to make an appointment at a later date or time, or accept that I am only able to refund your money minus the fees.

For fuller readings please contact me