Real Witches don’t say that!

Real Witches don’t say that, real Witches don’t do this, real Witches are hereditary, you are not a very good Witch if you don’t do it like this etc. etc.! I could think of stronger language to describe how I feel about those kind of statements but I shall confine myself to saying “Poppycock”!! In … Continue reading Real Witches don’t say that!


The fascination with Graveyards

You might think of graveyards as morbid, depressing, very sad and creepy places and perhaps the modern graveyards and cemeteries are but I love visiting old graveyards. It may sound strange but I know I am not the only one who has this fascination! To me, they are beautiful, peaceful and extremely interesting places. Mismatched … Continue reading The fascination with Graveyards