Trials and Tribulations of Selling Your Crafts!

So, being a witch I am naturally drawn towards crafting and healing. My regular job is within Adult Social care and my spare time is often taken up with crafts of various natures. This includes gardening from spring until autumn, so I can make tinctures and balms and any other craft I can fit into my spare time, like making charms, runes and amulets. Most of these things are just for me, family and friends.

However, so that my house is not over run with all my pagan and witchy crafts and to make a little bit of pocket money so I can treat my granddaughter, I do sell a few items on eBay. I only sell items that I would be happy to own myself, so if it’s a bit naff or not quite up to par it doesn’t get put up for sale. The extra pennies are helpful as I am on a zero hour contract at work. My items are mostly hand made and take a bit of time but I usually put them up for sale at a price that covers the cost and a little bit extra. I certainly won’t get rich from the sales but that’s really not why I sell them. I get pleasure from knowing that my crafts are appreciated and will give others what it is they are seeking.

It’s nice when I get compliments from buyers and I often get the same people coming back for more items. I have been told I sell my items too cheaply. Occasionally I will put things up for a bit more money as suggested by others but I always feel a bit guilty and end up putting them back down again lol.

Some people though, seem to think you should only sell at really cheap prices, well I’d like to but if it costs me to buy the materials, then takes several hours or days to make, surely I can’t be expected to then just give it away? Sadly there are people out there who think you should and what’s worse is they believe they have the right to tell you and everyone else their opinion.

I do list my items as non-returnable, as is my choice as a private seller, this is really to discourage those who might not really want the item and habitually return items on a whim. I do this mainly because my profit is usually very small and if someone just changes their mind about something, it will take away any profit and more than likely mean a loss as I send most things free post to the buyer (averaging £3.95 cost to me). I do make sure I have very honest descriptions and clear photos. If the item was faulty, damaged or misleading in description, I would have to give a refund anyway. I also message and enclose a written note with each item asking the buyer to contact me if they have any problems. I don’t want anyone to be unhappy with what they buy and would usually accept a return if they were.

Last weekend I experienced three very different buyers. I had made some pendulums from different items and listed a couple of them, both of which I adored and was very tempted to just keep! I also made a few new Hag stone, key charms. I was a very happy Witch when I sold two pendulums and a hag stone charm.

The first buyer of the first pendulum I made, sent several very excited messages saying how happy they were, how connected they felt with their new pendulum and how it had inspired them into other things. Excellent, that’s what it’s all about. Creating something that someone else appreciates and enjoys.

The second pendulum, I thought was beautiful and had such a lovely warm vibe to it. I imagined it going to someone who would love it as much as I did. I know that’s not the way to do business but I’m a sentimental Witch and would hate to think of my creations ending up with someone who just didn’t care. I sent it carefully packaged with a handwritten note, hoping the buyer would be happy and to let me know if there were any problems at all.

The hag stone charm was bought by someone who had bought one from me before. Another happy bunny!

Happy days, happy Witch, happy customers! Until I check my feedback!. The person who bought my second beautiful pendulum (that I wish I’d kept) left me positive feeback but with the words “Dissapointed with sellers attitude on returns”! What ??? Really! They had not messaged me. They didn’t say they had a problem with it? They had not even asked to return it? I was devastated! Yes, I know I was being a bit over sentimental again. But how could they not like it, I had listed it with a detiled description and lots of clear photos. And how could they write such a misleading and negative comment on my feedback? I am not a big business, I’m not even a small business, I’m just a Witch who sells some of her crafts now and then in her spare time!

Later I checked feedback this buyer had left for others and they were mainly “Disappointed”! Sometimes the colour was darker than expected or the size was not as expected etc. I came to the conclusion that the buyer seemed to like to complain about something/anything. As they had no reason to complain about the item, they appear to have decided to complain about me choosing the option in the listing to not accept returns. I responded to their feedback stating that I had not had a request to return but I would be more than happy to accept the return of this item. I have to confess that I hoped they would return it, so I could either keep it or let it go to someone who would appreciate it.

This came at a time when I just happened to be on a downward turn of the roller coaster of life. Nothing major just the natural ups and downs we all go through but added in with a little bad health and something that I would normally have brushed off, left me reeling. So despite having received nothing but positive feedback and private messages from buyers saying how much they liked my items, one single negative comment left me feeling bad about all the crafts I sell.

I soon put into perspective and recovered my good vibes but it reminded me how many people find this reflected in life. All the compliments in the world can be cancelled out by one derogatory comment. We are all on this same planet and we are all just trying to get by the best we can. So please don’t be harsh to others or complain just for the sake of it!

On the plus side I got a message from the buyer of the hag stone charm, saying they had won the charm but could they have two more to go with it as they thought they were fabulous! So I made another two and as I already had a few others up or sale, I gave them a few options to choose from. They picked the ones they liked best and they were all posted the same day. They loved them. Yay!

Don’t let the few spoil it for the many. Most people are nice and so I will continue to just be me and do things my own way. I will sell a few things here and there and hopefully they will all go to loving homes – sorry that sounds like I’m talking about puppies or kittens – but hey, my crafts have been created by me and therefore have a part of me in them !!!

Happy crafting Witches!


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