Do you believe in Magic or Witchcraft?


I do believe in magic but not the kind you see in films where they twitch their nose or wave a wand and   …>>poof<<…   something appears (or disappears). I believe in the power of the mind, I believe we can create what we desire through positivity and will power. I’m not saying that if I wish for a treasure chest full of gold it will magically manifest itself before my very eyes, no amount of my willpower is going to make that happen. If that was the case I would currently be off to much warmer and sunnier climes!

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

I think that when we put our full intentions into something we can certainly help it to become a reality. For example if I gave hubby a piece of paper with a spell written on it – say for me (or him) to do well in a job interview – and he sat and read it out, I doubt anything would happen. Mainly because he doesn’t believe in magic and therefore doesn’t believe he could change anything just by saying a few words.

However, if say I was going for an interview, I would prepare in the following ways. First I would either find or create my own spell. It is a very individual choice how you perform your spells. Whether you cast a circle, perform a ritual, use tools and ingredients, perform at your altar, simply chant, or do something completely different, is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong way. My preferred method is to chant. I find it helps me to focus more on the meaning of the spell and to believe in what I am saying. I would ask for confidence, passion and clarity of thought to help me get the job. The very act of focusing on these things would be calming and help me prepare and meditate on what I needed to do.

I would also carefully choose which of my crystals to take with me. Probably Citrine, a happy stone for success and prosperity, Aventurine to bring good luck and abundance and finally I would wear a Ruby for abundance and to give me the motivation and passion to go after the job and do well in the interview. I would either hold or think about these crystals whilst performing my spell. These would then act as reminders before or during the interview to help me focus and to remind me of my passion, thus also bringing about confidence. You don’t have to use crystals, it could be anything from an object to a feeling or just a single thought.

In this way I think we do perform real magic, by manifesting what we wish to create. In this case it was confidence and passion which led to getting the actual job. Is it just coincidence that once I manage to get an interview, I always get the job … or is it Witchcraft?

There are many other aspects of Magic and Witchcraft but they can wait for another day ….

Yes, I believe in Magic and Witchcraft, do you?


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