The Walking Witch of Weston

It may be a bit cold and dreary outside but there is so much more to life than just what is happening now. Appreciate what you have, look for the beauty in life and make your soul happy!

2020! Well, what a year that was! One I would not like to be repeated and I am quite sure many of you feel the same way. How do we even begin to recover from illness, loss of loved ones and lack of social contact? Not to mention either working flat out beyond exhaustion or having little to no work at all, neither of which are good for the soul.

Early Winter Morning

I have lost two close members of my family and life will never be the same. Life will always have it’s ups and downs and it will always be harder for some than others but it’s important to look for the positives in life.  Although I am still trying to come to terms with the losses, I still have other people in my life that are important to me. I can’t see them at the moment, but I will see them again when I can. It’s important to look forward. If we only ever look back at what we had we will never appreciate what we have now and what we will have in the future. So here’s to a new year!

It may be a bit cold and a bit bleak outside for many of us but the wheel is turning and Imbolc is just around the corner, marking the beginning of spring. If spring is just round the corner, then summer will not be far behind. I love all the seasons, each have their own merits but I am looking forward to longer, warmer days, when I can go out for a walk, either along a beach somewhere or through some woods. Anywhere, where I can lose myself to the sights, smells and sounds of nature.

Even now there are still things to appreciate. Back last May, I started walking early in the morning each day (in the hopes of losing weight and getting fitter). Regular exercise is known to have a positive impact on depression, and anxiety and it helps to relieve stress and low self esteem, so what’s not to love? I’m lucky to live in a village now but even in the towns the early mornings hold a beauty all of their own. I leave the house at 7am and walk 2 miles “around the block” before work.

Reindeer in Weston

I got to see new born reindeer, watched as the mother peahens took their brood of baby peacocks out for their morning scour of the hedgerows and saw sheep grazing on the leftover cabbages after harvesting was finished. Even the different weather conditions have their advantage, the sun always gladdens my soul, I allow the wind to blow away my problems and the rain to wash away any negativity.

Full Moon in the early morning

In the summer it was glorious, by autumn I had all the beautiful colours of the turning leaves and an abundance of berries and lots of other things that were a complete delight to a foraging witch!

And then the winter arrived! Brrrrrrr, it was much harder setting off for my walk on the cold and very dark mornings, but I soon found the beauty all around me, just waiting for my eyes to see. The peace and quiet before the world is fully awake. The moon still shining bright before the sun rise, the frosty pavements that look like they have been sprinkled with diamond dust wherever the light hits them. The jewelled cobwebs that display their icy patterns before the morning sun makes them disappear. I even see roses and rose buds clinging onto life from last year and the new life of daffodils and snowdrops starting to make their presence known.

Then finally just before I get back home the sun starts to show over the horizon and turns the sky into something that looks like someone got carried away with the paint palette. So, to say the highlight of my day is my early morning walk may sound boring, but I’ll take that any day rather than just sitting indoors wishing things were different. I’m seeing things I never would have seen before and my walks are not only free but soooo much better than some mundane sessions at the gym. Walking does your soul good and as a bonus I have even lost about 15lbs so far!

It may not always be easy but life is for living and looking forward.

Sunrise over Weston

Sending out an abundance of positive vibes.

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