It’s the Little Things that Matter

Quite often when I write a new blog or page, I ask hubby just to give it a quick read through for me. He’s not Pagan and doesn’t share my interests but he tells me if I have made any obvious mistakes, spelling mistakes, missed words etc. Which often happens as my fingers can’t always type as quickly as my brain thinks about what I want to write.

Last week I published a new page about Budget Witchcraft with alternative ideas to save money. One of the things in my list reads – “ATHAME: A ceremonial double edged blade with dark or black handle. A simple paper knife or letter opener fits that description well and is a fraction of the cost. The one I use myself is an old letter opener fashioned into the shape of a sword.” – Hubby read this along with the rest of the ideas and passed no other comment other than I had typed a word twice in one place and missed a full stop out in another place.

So it was a surprise when a few days later he asked me about “that black handled knife thing” and was it for ceremonial use? I explained what an Athame was and how it was usually used. He asked me to tell him what it looked like again and when I said it was traditionally a double edged knife with a black handle, he disappeared out to his work shed. A few minutes later he reappeared and presented me with a sheathed knife and asked if I would like it.

Well I was somewhat taken aback by this but took the knife out to have a look. It was a double edged, black handled knife! Wow, how lovely was that. Hubby shares none of my interests but had obviously thought about my article (and me) and then surprised me with this perfect little gift.

Life is all about the little things, more than ever at the moment. One day we will look back on these little things and realise they are the important things and should be treasured. So now I have my own traditional Athame and I love it but most of all I love the thoughts behind it.

The gift that brightened my day.

Thank you

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