Witches Protection Bells

Handmade Witch Bells or Protection Bells are said to bring positivity, break up bad energy and dispel negativity!

It is a long held belief by many different cultures and religions that sound can break up bad energy. Cleansing by sound is an ancient practice to break up this bad energy or negative vibrations. Hanging bells on the door of your house, helps raise vibrations through their sound, when the door is opened and closed.

This simple magic is said to help keep negativity and spirits that mean you harm away from you and your family. They are believed to invoke good energy when placed in cupboards or hung on doors. The pleasing sound of tinkling bells on a door also lifts the spirits and can calm the soul.

You can simply tie a few bells on to some string or purchase from a range of handcrafted Witch Bells on line. Colour and different charms can add to the attraction and meaning of the Witch Bells. The spiral represents a powerful symbol for life, balance, creation and growth. The pentagram symbolizes infinity, the binding of the five elements, and protection of the self. The key represents knowledge, mystery, and initiation and is a symbolism for the ability to gain access to things of a materialistic or spiritual nature that has most meaning to a person. The Hamsa hand is believed to give success, harmony, and protection from the “Ayin Ha’ra,” also known as The Evil Eye.

Choose your Witch Bells to suit you and your purpose and then hang on the inside of your door. They can be used for protection inside your home, office, car, camper, bedroom or any other indoor space.

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