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Years ago it is said that a Witch would carry acorns in her pocket. When she met a fellow Witch she would take out one of these acorns and press it into the other’s hand as a sign of recognition. It’s much more straight forward than that today… or is it!

Well I have met hundreds, if not thousands of other Pagans, Witches and associated Hippies through the powers of the computer, the internet, chat rooms and social media. How fabulous is that! There are vast amounts of groups to join, where you can chat, swap ideas and info, or as many do, just lurk in the background. Some groups are public and some private so that anyone can join and feel safe, even if they are still firmly in the broom closet. I think without this, many of us would still be in our own very small circle with no idea how many of us are out there. Some of these groups have provided me with friends of like minded Witches that have blossomed into really strong friendships and it would be awesome to meet up for coffee and a chat face to face. Sadly though they are all just too far away.

So how do you meet kindred spirits in the real world? I had some fantastical idea that I would just go out and about wearing my pentacle and some fabulous wise Witch would recognise me as a like minded soul, take me under her wing, introduce me to a perfect group, teach me everything and all would be wonderful!! Errrr No! It doesn’t work that way lol

Joining groups on social media is certainly a good start, it helps you link to other groups, some maybe more suited to you, some small and friendly, some full of knowledge and ideas and some advertising pagan type events. I have been on some large groups that ask you where you are from. I have often seen people post with glee when they find others that live close to them. I have only found one fellow Witch, that even lives in the same county as me, from one of these groups. I even tried a website advertising Witch Meetups throughout the world …. again none anywhere near me advertised here. According to one of my friends I live in a small rural UK village in So-flippin-far-away-shire! I never gave up though!

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Joining a coven is not on my agenda, I am basically a solitary Witch and way too free spirited for that. I have nothing against covens they are just not for me (I would get myself into trouble quite quickly I think!). There are many other types of groups for Pagans, Wiccans and Witches and what may suit some will not be right for others, it’s a very individual choice. If you want to find a coven or group to join, try one of the national Pagan groups that have links to the small local groups and covens.

There are many Fairs, fetes and festivals dotted about throughout the year especially on the Sabbats. I did meet a fellow Witch from one of my groups at my first event. She posted an advert for a “Halloween/Samhain Fete” that was in the next county to me and asked if anyone else was going. Well I couldn’t miss an opportunity like that! So a few days later I took myself off and eventually found the aforementioned fete. It was brilliant! It was in a large village hall, with stallholders selling everything from crystals, to magical items, to jewellery, to clothes. Due to the time of year many of the stallholders were also dressed up as “Witches”. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. I had been round the entire fete and was just about to leave when I recognised my fellow Witchy group member from her photo. She had a lot further to travel and had only just arrived with another lady from our group. She was lovely and we had a chat before they went off to have a look around. Even though it was brief and I never saw her again it was a positive experience.

Pentacle of the Goddess

My next meeting was a wasted opportunity and I still kick myself about it now. I was out with an elderly lady in a pub where we had just had lunch. This particular lady was quite strong willed and liked attention to be focused on her when out. We used to go out regularly and it was Mrs W’s usual habit after we had paid, to leave immediately to go outside and have her cigarette. She was very unsteady on her feet and it was my responsibility (my job) to offer an arm and ensure she didn’t fall. On this occasion there was another lady at the bar as we were paying. She was also paying and had the same drink as Mrs W who remarked that they had something in common. The lady then said yes we have more in common than you think. I just smiled politely as Mrs W already had a cigarette in hand and was indicating that she wanted to go NOW! However the lady then said she liked my necklace, which was my Pentacle of the Goddess pendant (a little more subtle than the standard pentacle). I said thank you as I could see Mrs W teetering unsteadily off down the bar heading for the rear exit. The lady then repeated that we had things in common and indicated her own pagan type necklace. Mrs W, who was clearly having nicotine withdrawal, was now aiming to make the lunge across the gap from the bar to the door. Fear struck at the thought of having to explain to my boss why Mrs W had fallen and broken several bones, while I was still chatting at the bar. I vaguely muttered something to the lady at the bar and fled. I just managed to reach Mrs W as she let go of the bar, catching her arm before she toppled too far forward. When I looked back the lady had gone. I was cross and ashamed of myself for such a poor greeting but it was kind of taken out of my hands and definitely not a reflection of my true nature. That was a long time ago but I often think about that lady and did look out for her to apologise and explain but I never saw her again.

Over the years I have slowly met others by going to events, even the small ones. Often meeting up with people that I had got to know on line and it is usually just a “Hello” and a quick chat. However I have also found one or two friends at these events that I already knew, we just hadn’t realised that we were kindred spirits beforehand.

Despite what I said earlier that there is never going to be a wise woman coming up to me and taking me under her wing etc. I do find that just in everyday life, people with the same interests will recognise in you, what others do not see. I guess the old adage “Birds of a feather flock together” is actually true. I have quite a few like minded friends that I meet up with now and then and who knows, maybe I am now that wise woman who might meet you and take you under my wing. If you want to meet others you just have to join in where you can and be open to it.

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