Cleansing and Protecting Your Home from Negative Energy

Sometimes we have a build up of negative energy within our homes, sometimes from ourselves and sometimes from others. It may follow an illness or a disagreement, but equally could have been brought in by visitors to your home or maybe it’s left over from previous owners of the house or even possessions. There are many traditions that we can adopt to help prevent or remove this unwanted energy. We can raise our vibrations, encourage negative ions and also employ the use of various ancient practices, tools or charms. It’s important to cleanse your own energy too so that you are not constantly bringing the negativity back into your home.

Raising your vibrations

I’m not a scientist but I can tell you that we are made of vibrating particles and energy. The same is true for the world around us. We can’t see the vibrations because they’re too small, however they are there. A lowering of your vibrations can be caused when you have negative emotions, you are tired or ill. Raising your vibrations usually means that you have become self aware of your emotions and thoughts and are actively doing something to become more positive. This can be done in any way that suits you, like listening to uplifting music, reading positive quotes aloud, getting creative, going for a walk in nature, dancing, being with upbeat friends, watching a funny film or through meditation. On a basic level, raising your vibrations, means to encourage positivity into your life and thoughts.

Fill your home with Negative Ions – Salt Lamps

Positive ions are small molecules that have gained a positive charge. Most forms of pollution, pollen, mold, and other harmful chemicals in the air carry a positive electrical charge, making them positive ions. Positive ions are also created from electromagnetic fields generated by computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices which have been linked to all sorts of health problems, including breathing problems, tiredness, headaches, anxiety, nausea, lack of energy etc..

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Negative Ions have the opposite effect on our well being. They occur naturally near water falls or moving water such as the sea, and people often notice that they always feel better when they are near the ocean. Negative Ions also exist in the ultra violet rays of the sun, in thunder storms and are even produced as a natural part of the growth process of some plants. If you can not get any rays or get to the beach, you could try a Himalayan salt lamp. These are believed to change the ions from positive to negative. Once the negative ions reach the bloodstream, they are believed to produce a biochemical reaction that increases the level of serotonin, helping to alleviate depression and stress, with the added bonus of boosting our daytime energy. Research supports the positive effects it has on cognitive performance, antimicrobial activity (killing or inhibiting the disease causing microbes), and the reduction of depression symptoms for some. There is not enough evidence to prove the other claimed benefits but many believe it really helps and belief is a powerful tool. I have three Himalayan salt lamps, one by my computer, one in the main living area and one in the bedroom. I also have several Himalayan salt, tealight holders that I can move around when and where I want. Running water features are also an excellent idea.


People all over the world have long since used Smudging to remove negative energy from a room or space. This is an ancient practice of burning herbs, flowers or wood as a way to cleanse a space and to invite in positive energy. Once lit, the flames are allowed to die so that the embers produce smoke, this is allowed to drift through the room so that the smoke can cleanse the room and purify the area. Many believe that this is helped by chanting your intent as you waft the smoke to encourage it to reach all areas. The most common herb to be burned is sage. Scientists have observed that sage can clear up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria in a space and disinfect the air. When sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people into a positive mood. So it’s good for you and your home. Don’t forget to open a window to release any negative energy. (See Smudging Page for more details). I grow and harvest sage from my own garden and will usually smudge my house once a month. If you are unable to purchase or make your own smudge stick (bound herbs for burning) you can also use an incense stick, I often use White sage or Nag Champa in the winter time.


Salt is pure and anything that is impure is repelled by it no matter what colour you use. Salt has been used for a very long time, by many different cultures and religions, it is believed to purify, absorb negativity and ward off evil spirits. In addition salt has always been used for sterilizing and preserving, it is even used today to clean wounds rather than plain water and salt baths are still recommended following some surgeries.

Salt can be sprinkled in a thin line around your property or across the threshold of all doors, in font of all windows and chimneys to deter any spirits or demons from entering your home. A ring of salt keeps your own energies in, and other energies out. A dish of salt by your bed, or a circle of salt around your bed is said to stop a spirit or ghost from appearing. It can be placed in all 4 corners of your home to dispel negativity. It can be dissolved in a spray bottle full of warm water and used as a cleaner on surfaces around your home (avoid surfaces that react to salt). Personally, I have an additional bath once a month with added salt, lavender and bicarbonate of soda as it is not only good for the skin but it decreases stress, helps with insomnia and soothes pain.


Crystals are semi-precious stones that are believed to all have their own vibrational energy and as such they have many different uses. The most commonly used for house protection are Black Tourmaline and Selenite. Black Tourmaline is said to protect from all forms of negative energy. Selenite is thought of as a guarding stone, it is both protective and thought to bring about a peaceful and calming quality to your home. They are best placed either centrally or, if you have enough, in all four corners of your home. Rose quartz is also a favourite of many to attract a peaceful and loving energy into a home, most often used in the living area or bedrooms.

Protection Bells

Protection Bells or Witch’s Bells

Handmade Protection Bells or Witch’s Bells are said to bring positivity, break up bad energy and dispel negativity! Cleansing by sound is an ancient practice to break up negative vibrations. Hanging bells on your door helps raise vibrations through their sound, when the door is opened and closed. This simple magic is said to help keep negativity and spirits that mean you harm away from you and your family. They are also believed to invoke good energy when placed in cupboards or hung on doors.

Protection Bells are a good way for sound to be automatically created at the entrance to your home, or individual rooms, each and every time someone enters or opens a door or window. You can also use other sounds on an individual basis like ringing a hand bell, clapping your hands or playing music, this is especially good to clear the negativity from a room after a disagreement or for spaces where you can’t place anything permanently.

Hag stones

Hag Stone Key Charm

Hag stones are stones that have a naturally occurring hole in them, that has been caused by water erosion. They are said to retain the power of the sea and are known to have been used for hundreds of years. They are considered to be a strong protection tool and are still used today by many farmers and fishermen to ward off evil spirits and bad luck. In the home they are placed near to doors and if you have several, on window sills too. Hang a hag stone by your door to ward off any bad energy form entering. Tied to a key they are also thought to keep your house safe while it is locked. (Read more about Hag Stones here)

Spirit House

If you think there may be a bad or mischievous spirit in your home, some cultures believe that rather than trying to banish them, give them somewhere to live. Place a Spirit House outside the front of your house on a raised platform or pillar. Spirit Houses are usually about the size of a bird house, made of wood or clay and are created as a representation of your home as an alternative place for the spirits to reside. It is believed that the nicer the house, the more likely the spirits are to move in, some people even put tiny pieces of furniture inside. Tell the spirit you live in the house now but they are welcome to move into the Spirit House.

Another similar belief is the Spirit House made from a bottle or any glass container where the contents can be seen from the outside. The bottle is filled with various items such as coloured string, wire, herbs, shiny buttons, bright pieces of fabric scraps, anything that may look interesting, closed with a cork, stopper or cap and then sealed with candle wax. When ready it can be placed up in the rafters, in the attic or on a high shelf where it will not be disturbed and then the spirit is “invited in”. It is said that you should never open the bottle again for fear of letting any spirits go free.

The Witch’s Ball

This is similar to the Spirit House bottle, in that you fill a glass ball (such as a christmas tree ornament) with strands of wool or cotton, protective herbs, crystals and charms and then seal it. It could also be made with coloured glass made in a swirled pattern or filled with coloured wax, which is heated and allowed to flow round the inside to form random markings. Many variations are readily available to buy. The Witch’s Ball is hung in entrances such as windows or inside doors. This old practice works on the belief that any malevolent spirits will be attracted by the colours and once they enter, will be forever mesmerised by the contents of the Witch’s ball. The strands inside the ball will also prevent the spirits from escaping. Personally, I think they are also beautiful and have several in my house.

Witch Bottle

The Witch Bottle has been around for centuries, it is believed they were originally made by witches to ward off any evil spirits, to deflect negative energy, curses, hexes or wrong doing away from their home and themselves. Others believe they were made my ordinary folk to keep the witches away. I think the former is more likely or many more of them would have been discovered by now. The earliest examples have been found in England but some have been unearthed in other countries too.

How the Witch Bottle is created. A lidded or corked bottle, made of glass or pottery, is filled half way with sharp objects like old nails, bent pins or broken glass, salt and a piece of string or ribbon that has been dyed red. The sharp objects to deflect ill luck and bad spirits, salt for purification and the ribbon or string for added protection. Then urine from the householder is used to top up the bottle, so that it is linked to that person and their home. In our modern era the idea of urinating in the bottle is a bit much for some and so the practice of adding wine and spitting into it has been adopted by those who prefer not to use urine. Next the bottle is sealed, whether it is by a modern screw top lid or a cork depends on what type of bottle or jar has been used. If a cork has been used it can be further protected and sealed by the use of hot wax, dripped over, to coat and seal the top fully. The bottle is then put in a place where it will remain undisturbed. Traditionally it would be buried under a doorstep, bricked up within a wall or placed high up in an attic.

Brigids Cross

A Brigid’s cross is usually made from reeds, rushes or straw. It has a woven square in the middle and four arms that are tied at each end. It is made on the pagan festival of Imbolc which is the first of February, marking the beginning of spring, also more latterly celebrated as St Brigit’s day. It is traditionally placed over doorways and windows to ward off evil, harm, fire and hunger.

Burden Basket

Place a small wire or loose mesh basket outside your front door. Then metaphorically leave any burdens you are returning home with, in the basket, for the wind to carry away.

Red Brick Dust

Red brick dust is a cleansing and protecting powder used to clean front steps, window sills or other entrances. It derives from the ancient use of red ochre clay for sacred purposes. Used regularly in protection spellwork. A line of this red dust across your doorway protects your house from any unwanted presence and it’s use in an amulet or mojo bag is often practiced for personal protection.

Grotesque statue

You can use any statue you like but it is thought the more scary the face the more likely it is to scare away any evil spirits, negativity or ill wishers. Once you have placed your statue in a place where you feel it can watch over you and your home (it can be inside or out and best facing your main entrance), tell it what it’s duty is. Ask it to protect you, your loved ones and your house. When you get up or leave the house ask the statue to “do it’s duty” and remember to say “thank you” on your return or when you go to bed at night. I have a few watching over my home and loved ones.

There are many more practices from around the world, to bring peace and positive energy into your space, you should choose whichever practices resonate with you. You can make your own tools and charms or you can readily buy any of them online.

Stay safe and keep positive!

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