All good intentions …

I am a thinker! I think about things all the time, my brain doesn’t seem to know how to switch off. Sometimes this is not so good but most of the time it allows me to plan ahead, think up new ideas, work out how to do something or generally solve life’s everyday problems. During the early part of summer, I planned out various projects and ventures that would all be all up and running by Autumn.

By now I should have made lots of jams, home remedies (especially my vodka and liquorice chesty cough remedy), pruned my trees and vines, made wreaths, pentagrams, manifestation boxes, some new pendulum chart tiles, done loads more blogs, written and uploaded several articles that have been buzzing through my brain for a while, started a new venture with an old friend and various other bits and pieces. Unfortunately sometimes life doesn’t always go to plan!

So what was so important that prevented me getting all these things done? The simple answer is people! I had relatives come to stay, my granddaughter, a friend in need, someone to visit in hospital, doing extra work to help out, spending that extra bit of time with someone that was down and finally just for me and hubby, we had a holiday.

Sometimes we need to prioritise and sometimes people most definitely need to come first. I can make Jam again next year and I can still get out and prune the trees before winter sets in but my Granddaughter will never be this magical age again and my friend needed me there and then.

I still got to do some of my crafts, set up a new venture and listed some Beaded Pentagrams and Hag stone key charms on eBay. Never worry if life throws you off balance and your plans don’t work out as expected. Sometimes things might not have been meant for you or just been at the wrong time for you. Whatever came along to deter your best laid plans, chances are that it was another soul needing your attention and in my experience, fate puts people in front of you just when either you, or they, need it most.

All good intentions are excellent until something else more important comes along!

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