How to Make Your Own Sigils

Sigils are created from a word or sentence that form a desire or intention. First you need to decide what it is that you actually want. Then write it down as if it already exists. For example “This House is protected” or on a more personal level “I am happy and healthy”. Always write as if you already have what you seek. “I want to be happy” indicates that you will always want to be happy, rather than actually being happy.

Do not be vague in what you write. As “I have a job as a cook” is very different to “I have a full time job as a cook in the best restaurant in my home town and earn 3,000 per week and I am happy in my job”. The first could mean you cook burgers in a roadside transport cafe on a part time basis and earn a minimum wage. Whereas the second could mean your dream job. Equally “I have lost weight” could have a very different meaning to “I am a healthy weight”. The more details you can add the better the outcome of your sigil.

Once you have decided on the intention and the exact words you want to use, write them down in capital letters. Make sure it is personal and means something to you. As an example it may be something on the lines of “I AM HAPPY. I AM LOVED” (which is what I will use in the examples below). Next you need to ensure that the meaning is hidden and then you can create your own sigil.

Once you have written your desire, the words need to be condensed by removing all the spaces, punctuation, vowels and any duplicate letters. So “I AM HAPPY. I AM LOVED” will become “MHPYLVD” or you can simply choose a prominent word from your phrase (or spell). In this case you could choose “HAPPY”.

There are various ways of then creating your sigil. I have detailed a few methods below, choose what feels right for you, mix and match or create your own style if you prefer.

The Artistic Sigil

Create your condensed letter version of your desired sentence, as described above. I will use the letters already created “MHPYLVD”.

Now the fun part – Take each letter one at a time and draw them with flare, at angles, straight or curved. However you like, but they do need to be close or touching, you can even use part of one letter to form the next. Remember to put your intention into the sigil as you are creating it. Think of the meaning of the original words and what it means to you.

Variations of Sigils created from the same letters

You can leave your design with just the lettering or you can add embellishments like curls, dots, symbols, whatever appeals to you.

You can even make it symmetrical by drawing some letters mirrored to maintain the design. Try several versions until you find the style that you like best. Be as imaginative and creative as you wish.

The Witches Sigil Wheel

For this sigil creation you can again either use a word from your desired sentence or spell, or use the letters created from shortening the sentence by removing all the spaces, punctuation, vowels and any duplicate letters. So you could use the prominent word “HAPPY” or the condensed version “MHPYLVD”, as described above. I prefer the condensed version as it still holds the original meaning and is less ambiguous than using one word but that is just personal choice. Choose whichever works best for you.

Next draw out or print a Witches Sigil Wheel. It does not matter if your hand drawn sigil wheel is not perfect, it will just make it more personal to you.

Now draw your design over the wheel (you can either draw directly and then recreate the image again afterwards or use a thin enough paper over the top to be able to see the wheel below). Start your sigil design by drawing a small circle at the first letter, then a line to each letter in turn, looping around it before going on to the next one. If you are using a full word you may have a double letter in which case make a double loop around the appropriate letter. Continue to the last letter and make a straight “T” bar, to signify the end. Then you can copy the pattern to create your sigil where you wish. I’m not very good at these so please excuse my poor illustrations 😉

The Deconstructed Letter Sigil

Write out your word or condensed phrase in capital letters. Then separate each letter into it’s individual component parts or strokes. So:-

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sigil-d-example.jpg

Once you have all your individual lines, rearrange them into a shape to create your sigil, You might like to group them first to see what lines you have to play around with. I have used a simplified version with straight capital letters as an example here but you could embellish them for added flare.

The Number Grid Sigil

Again this time you can use a prominent word from your sentence or spell or the condensed letter version created earlier.

First create a table to convert your letters into numbers. I have created a straight forward table with the numbers 1 to 9 and then written the alphabet in order underneath. (You can mix the alphabet up to make it more personal if you prefer). In my standard table “MHPYLVD” becomes “4877344”.

Next create a 3 x 3 number grid, containing all the numbers 1 – 9. I have put them in numerical order but you don’t have to. You can now draw your sigil over the grid, starting with a circle and ending with a bar, draw a straight line from one number to the next. (a small semi circle can be drawn to indicate a double number). Study the pattern made and then recreate your sigil where you wish.

Above all, be creative and enjoy making your own sigils.

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