What are Sigils and how to use them!

– Protection Sigils –

Sigils are a very common kind of magic but rarely noticed. They are symbols that have been created from a word or phrase that has been condensed but still encapsulates what it represents. So rather than a full word or sentence you are left with a small pictorial symbol. They are believed to retain the power of the original words and can be placed anywhere. They can be as simple or elaborate and artistic as you wish.

Sigils are useful tools and are believed to be an ancient magic that activates your subconscious. They can help you achieve success and influence the world around you. They can help you manifest your desires, reach your goals, set your affirmations and enhance or even become your spells. Sigils are also a perfect way to bring that extra bit of intention and magic into the meaning of an item or area. They can be used to label or dedicate, using such words as guard, protection, sanctuary and safety. When activated they will bring their intention into being. So for example, if you choose to use a calming sigil on an amulet, that amulet will help to bring calm each time it is held. Another use would be to have a protection sigil over your entrance door for continual protection inside the home from bad energies.

Sigils can be used in many ways including affirmations and manifestations, in rituals and spellwork, or for protection and warding. Sigils can be drawn on paper and burned, carved into candles, traced in the air, inscribed on tools, etched over doorways, engraved into jewellery, chalked on the bottom of shoes, sewn into bags or clothes or drawn in the sand so that the waves can activate them as the tide comes in. Their use is limited only by your imagination.

Once created, sigils need to be charged and energised with their intention. If you create your own you can do this by thinking about it’s meaning and what it’s intention is, as you make it. If you have already got the sigil you can still charge it by holding it and focussing your thoughts or even speak to it to let it know what it’s “duty” is.

Next you will need to activate your sigil. They can be quickly activated by a method that will destroy them, such as burning, putting them somewhere they will be eroded or even walked off. They can also just be placed and forgotten about for a gradual and continual intention. Wear them or place them somewhere permanently, over the door or use as a talisman perhaps, where they can slowly and continuously release their energies and magic.

I have a carved slate protection sigil hanging over my doorway. Protection symbols are often used in the home, as a talisman, to help children, in cars and anywhere you feel they may be needed.

I have many affirmation sigils throughout my Books of Shadows. I really can’t remember what a lot of them actually mean anymore but many believe that they are activated when forgotten about. I most likely created these sigils for love and happiness. I certainly feel happier and more loved than I did years ago. So I would say they are definitely working for me.

Try your own sigils for affirmations and manifestations of things you want to bring into your life, be it physically or emotionally. I use a little engraved charm for confidence when I have to go to meetings and carry an abundance sigil in my purse. I am not rich but I have enough 🙂

You could carry an embroidered sigil on an item of clothing, painted on a keyring, burnt into a wooden car charm. Other places you could place them are inside your phone cover, on a water bottle, on the back of your watch, inscribed on pastry before adding the filling when making a pie, in a nail polish design or on clothing tags. I have heard of concerned parents sewing a sigil inside a childs coat, using the same colour cotton as the coat so it is not noticed. Drawing a sigil on yourself with body lotion before rubbing it in can be an excellent way to carry that power with you all day. It could be confidence, protection, love, anything that you feel is needed.

If you want to put your sigil in plain sight but make it invisible to others, try using lemon juice for ink (be careful not to do this anywhere where the lemon could harm the surface).

They are also excellent to use in spellwork. You can take an entire spell, condense it down, turn it into a sigil and then activate it or just use the sigils for an added spell boost or as protection.

Many sigils can be found on line and some are free to copy. You can also buy items that have had sigils carved or marked onto them. Alternatively, to make it more personal and have more meaning for you, you can create your own. If you would like to learn more about making your own sigils there is a link below.

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