What is a Pendulum and how to use it.

Abundantly useful and often strikingly beautiful, pendulums are amazing tools for divination, dowsing, and answering questions relating to love, work, health, money, and much more. Pendulums have been used since ancient times, for dowsing, healing and seeking answers from our subconscious. A pendulum is basically a heavy object, known as the Bob, suspended on a cord or chain. Held between your fingers and allowed to swing freely, energy is channeled through your hand causing the object to swing in a particular direction to indicate an answer, either back and forth or in a circular motion. Sometimes a small stone or bead is attached to the top end of the cord, for ease of handling, this is called the Fob.

Pendulums are one of the simpler divination tools for someone to use. Like most tools, the pendulum only has the power that the user gives it. By using it regularly and putting your own energy into it, you create a link with the pendulum and it becomes an instrument for your subconscious to convey the messages your unconscious perceives. The pendulum is an aid, never rely on it solely when making any major decisions.

Pendulum Choices

There are many different options available for pendulums and it really is down to personal choice. They are made from a variety of materials including crystals, wood, glass, and metals. Here are just a few ideas:-

  • Amethyst – Helps mind and body – Good for healing use.
  • Citrine – For well being – Good for dowsing food allergies.
  • Clear Quartz – All purpose – Good for clarity.
  • Copper – Attunes itself readily to users energy.
  • Glass – Good for finding objects.
  • Hagstone – New beginnings, cleansing & Protection – Good for spiritual questions.
  • Rose Quartz – Unconditional love – Good in times of Crisis.
  • Silver – High energy – Good for healing, spirituality and intuition.
  • Sodalite – Wisdom – Good for making logical decisions.
  • Wood – Absorbs users energy easily – Good for confidence, wisdom and clarity.

Whatever its shape, or size, it’s important you go with your instincts when choosing a pendulum. Choose one that you are drawn to, one that feels right for you and that you feel a connection to.


Before you use your pendulum for the first time it is a good idea to cleanse it. Some recommend soaking the pendulum is salt water, however this can be harmful to many materials, so I would suggest a more gentle cleanse such as passing it through the smoke of sage or incense, placing it in a singing bowl or leaving it overnight to bathe in moonlight at a full moon.

Programming your pendulum

The next step is to program your pendulum and determine it’s yes and no directions. Not all pendulums react in the same way. Clear your mind, hold the pendulum and ask it to “show yes” and wait for it to establish a regular motion. Note which way it moves, then ask your pendulum to show you ‘no’. Wait a minute or so and you’ll notice the direction it swings will change.

The pendulum may swing in a clockwise circle for yes and anticlockwise for no. It may just swing back and forth for a yes and sideways for a no. Some swing back and forth for yes, sideways for no and circular for maybe. To confirm your pendulum responses ask a few questions that you know have a definite yes or no answer to see how the pendulum responds. You should have the same responses each time for all your Yes and No answers as determined above. If you are getting conflicting answers or it doesn’t move at all, don’t worry, just cleanse the pendulum again and try again later or the following day.

My preferred way of working with a Pendulum is round in a circle for “Ready” or “Unsure”, back and forth for “Yes” and side to side for “No”. I will either use this freehand or over a simply painted wooden disk.

Once you have programmed your pendulum, keep it in a safe place, preferably in a bag for protection. Try not to let others handle it as their energies could disrupt your own connection with the pendulum and give you false readings. If this happens just cleanse and reprogram the pendulum again.

How to use your pendulum

Pendulum Chart

The basic way to use a pendulum, is to rest your elbow on a table, pinch the cord at a length that feels comfortable for you (or the fob if you prefer), between your thumb and forefinger and allow the weight to hang freely, try to keep your hand as still as possible. Relax and clear your mind before concentrating on your question. Make sure the questions you ask are specific and not vague. Read the direction the pendulum swings to gain the answers you seek. Most often the questions would be phrased to give simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.

Alternatively, you can put alphabets, numbers or charts on the table beneath the pendulum to get more specific answers. Or you can write all the possible answers of your question in a semi circle. When held over the lower centre point, the pendulum may swing towards the answer, alternatively, it may start to swing or spin when hovered over a word or number. If you need to determine a date to do something, use your pendulum over a calendar. Hold the pendulum over each date of the month, waiting until the pendulum registers an answer.

The pendulum can also be used for dowsing which is a technique for searching for underground water, minerals, ley lines, or anything invisible, by observing the changes in direction of the pendulum as you walk over land or pass it over any area you wish to search. It can also be used over a map. Many use a pendulum for determining which foods to eat by holding the pendulum over the actual foods or a menu. It’s often used for diagnosing diseases within a person’s body, some even use it for locating missing persons or finding underground gem deposits. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your own imagination.  

Pendulum Tips

  • Use your pendulum regularly.
  • The more you practice the more you will become attuned to your pendulum and the better your ability will be to read it.
  • Try not to ask the same question more than once. It’s not healthy, learn to move on.
  • Don’t ask a question if you really don’t want to know the answer.
  • Always use the pendulum with good intentions.
  • Don’t rely solely on the pendulum for making major decisions, it should be used as a guide only.
  • Keep a small pendulum on a short cord or chain in your pocket or purse for quick decisions when out and about.
  • You might find it helpful to record your findings in a journal or notebook.
  • Clear your pendulum of any negative energies before and after each use.

The pendulum has always been associated as connecting with good forces that bring health and prosperity to the user. Using the pendulum, you can develop skills to achieve your potential, locate things, keep a check on your health, make decisions or just have fun choosing numbers for the lottery.

What will you use yours for?

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