The Walking Witch of Weston

It may be a bit cold and dreary outside but there is so much more to life than just what is happening now. Appreciate what you have, look for the beauty in life and make your soul happy! 2020! Well, what a year that was! One I would not like to be repeated and I … Continue reading The Walking Witch of Weston


What are Sigils and how to use them!

- Protection Sigils - Sigils are a very common kind of magic but rarely noticed. They are symbols that have been created from a word or phrase that has been condensed but still encapsulates what it represents. So rather than a full word or sentence you are left with a small pictorial symbol. They are … Continue reading What are Sigils and how to use them!

The Witch, The Car and The Biker!

Although these days I have to admit to being a crone, I'm still young at heart, adapt easily to new technology and I'm usually pretty laid back about most things. I generally take life in my stride and keep calm even when most about me are losing the plot ..... most of the time!!! So, … Continue reading The Witch, The Car and The Biker!