Witches Protection Bells

Handmade Witch Bells or Protection Bells are said to bring positivity, break up bad energy and dispel negativity! It is a long held belief by many different cultures and religions that sound can break up bad energy. Cleansing by sound is an ancient practice to break up this bad energy or negative vibrations. Hanging bells … Continue reading Witches Protection Bells


What are the best Pagan, Wiccan or Witch related books to read?

Ever wondered which books are the best ones to read to find out more about your chosen path, which direction you should be heading in and what you should be learning? When starting out on a new path, or brushing up on your knowledge, many people ask what would be the best books to read … Continue reading What are the best Pagan, Wiccan or Witch related books to read?

The Oh Sew Crafty Witch!

As we are starting to emerge a little more from lock down, many are understandably still being very cautious in the hopes of avoiding a second wave of the Pandemic. One precaution is to wear a face mask, mandatory in some places, not here yet (April 2020) but worth wearing for extra protection. So, as … Continue reading The Oh Sew Crafty Witch!

Keeping busy in the Garden

I have always had a vegetable plot. Even when I lived in a flat, I still managed to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and few herbs on my windowsills. My various gardens have ranged from the very small to very big. My tiniest outdoor vegetable patch was about 4 feet square and provided me with potatoes, carrots … Continue reading Keeping busy in the Garden

The Witch, The Car and The Biker!

Although these days I have to admit to being a crone, I'm still young at heart, adapt easily to new technology and I'm usually pretty laid back about most things. I generally take life in my stride and keep calm even when most about me are losing the plot ..... most of the time!!! So, … Continue reading The Witch, The Car and The Biker!